Welcome to FEMR.org the online presence of the Foundation for Education and Musculoskeletal Research (FEMR). The aim of this website is to be a resource for bone health. We encourage you to check back often to keep abreast of the latest bone health news, research and community events.

There is currently an urgent need to raise public awareness about bone health, the prevention, treatment and management of fragility fractures. Broken bones are among the most common orthopedic problems. In the US, roughly 6.8 million people seek medical attention for bone related issues each year. An average person in a developed country can expect to sustain two fractures over the course of their lifetime. Bone related issues affect everyone in one way or another; whether it is personally or someone close to them. Sadly, most people are unaware of the importance of bone health: how to achieve it, and how to keep it.

FEMR’s education initiatives are designed to help individuals overcome the difficulties in changing unhealthy behaviors and adopting healthy lifestyle habits.  Some of these healthy behavioral changes include:  increasing physical activity, incorporating healthy nutrition into a person’s diet, smoking cessation, calcium and other nutritional supplementation.  Through seminars, community outreach, newsletters and other channels we will continue to provide the ways and means to develop healthy habits that will promote positive bone health. 

FEMR will continue to develop programs that will increase public awareness of osteoporosis and bone health issues. FEMR recognizes the need for coordination between the public (government), non-profit (advocacy organizations or foundations) and private (care facilities) sectors in order to fulfill these goals. FEMR will work with all of these sectors to develop programs that will educate and inform the public about the importance of bone health.


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