Mission & Vision


FEMR’s mission is to become a resource for unbiased information to promote musculoskeletal health and research, prevent fragility fractures and increase awareness of osteoporosis and related bone trauma and disabilities.


FEMR’s goal is to raise awareness and empower individuals to combat the burden of fragility fractures through early diagnosis, education on treatment options and promoting lifestyle modifications.

Through the development of education programs, partnerships and ongoing research, FEMR will carry out their mission.  The promotion of musculoskeletal health and the support of ongoing research to reduce the incidence of fragility fractures are paramount to FEMR. The prevention, care and treatment of other related bone trauma and disabilities will be addressed by FEMR through a number of outlets including certification training, newsletters and community events. 

Through the promotion of lifestyle modifications, education and early diagnosis, FEMR hopes to reduce the occurrence of fragility fractures and increase overall musculoskeletal health.

By providing the public and healthcare professionals with unbiased information relating to the research, prevention and treatment of bone related issues, FEMR strives to be the premier source for all things bone related.

FEMR targets individuals who fall into these specific groups:

  • Adults who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and are currently receiving treatment
  • Adults who have experienced a fracture and require drug intervention to prevent further bone loss
  • Adults who are at-risk for bone loss and would benefit from fracture prevention information
  • Children and teens who would benefit from age-appropriate bone health education
  • Friends and family members of those who have been affected by osteoporosis or fragility fractures, and would benefit from fall prevention information
  • Health care professionals who are interested in musculoskeletal education for themselves or others, such as extended care facilities, social service agencies and organizations serving the needs of older adults


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