Fall Prevention Day

September 23, 2011

The Foundation for Education and Musculoskeletal Research (FEMR) and the State of Illinois officially proclaimed the first day of autumn, September 23, 2011, as Fall Prevention Awareness Day. With the generous contributions of our supporters, FEMR’s vision of proclaiming the first day of Fall as "Fall Prevention Awareness Day" has become an annual event in Illinois.  FEMR’s goal was to use this day to increase awareness for fall prevention and the need for osteoporosis screening and treatment in an effort to reduce the incidence of fragility bone fractures among older residents of Illinois.  Over the next five years, FEMR will be advocating that all 50 states pass similar proclamations.

Osteoporosis is the gradual loss of bone mass and strength which occurs with the natural aging process. As we age and the bones weaken, the risk of fracture becomes much higher with simple activity, especially when an elderly individual falls. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 million citizens in Illinois who are 65 years of age or older and it is estimated the number of citizens in this age bracket will increase to over 2 million by 2025. One out of every three people aged 65 and older fall each year resulting in over 600,000 deaths per year in Illinois. The epidemic of fragility fractures as a result of the aging baby boomers is preventable through osteoporosis screening, proper diagnosis, treatment, and education.

“The good news is that deteriorating bone health and most falls are preventable. We need to start educating older adults and their caretakers and families about ways to diagnose and treat osteoporosis to minimize the risk of a loved one falling and injuring themselves,” said FEMR Founder and CEO Dr. Matthew L. Jimenez. “Through osteoporosis screening and treatment of osteoporosis, and getting the proper nutrition and daily physical activity, the risk of falling and breaking bones is significantly reduced. Remember, you are never too young to start taking care of your bones.”


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